Teach to Fish, Moment Innovation, Thomas Whittlesey
Teach To Fish is a philanthropy-based educational program, training and enabling people in need with the tools for living self-sufficiently and running their own sustainable business. Rather than just throwing more money at a societal or environmental issue – merely ‘giving a fish,’ which only provides band-aid solutions – this program helps both donors and non-profits get to the source of the problem they wish to change. In this light, Teach To Fish facilitates the following sub-programs amongst others:
  • Arts for Action is an arts & crafts collective producing and distributing handmade goods. 
  • Shucks is a shellfish aquaculture growing and distribution program. May be combined with a coastal remediation and marine habitat restoration.
  • grOrganic provides construction and maintenance of organic food gardens and edible landscapes for private residences and public spaces.
  • Re-Fuse is a comprehensive door-to-door service for domestic pickup of recyclables, compost, donations, plus delivery of food and goods. This all-inclusive home service saves customers time and money, while reducing their mileage and carbon footprint.
  • WeatherEyes is a residential weatherization and energy-efficiency service. 
  • SolarEyes is a residential-commercial solar energy consultation & photo-voltaic installation service. 
  • Shift is a program for at-risk teens, substituting their wasted time in school punishment, like detention and Saturday School, for time volunteering and training in one of the Teach To Fish programs.

Give Wize is a research and management service, facilitating effective charity from for-profits to non-profits or other aid organizations. This middleman service will locate credible, responsible, and sustainable non-profit organizations, developing an evolving portfolio that is appropriate to the benefactors’ aims. Furthermore, Give Wize oversees the non-profits’ management of the donated funds, and consults with them on how to optimize the money’s implementation. Ensuring the greatest productivity and measure of donor impact, this service provides continual feedback from the recipients and regular updates from the field where their money is being put into action.
Rather than following the hands-off approach of just pressing the ‘donate button,’ blindly depositing large sums into a charity’s bank account, Give Wize assures optimum gains from philanthropy and the best chances of the non-profits actually achieving their mission. This service builds the confidence necessary for non-profits’ success by providing them with continual fiscal and operational support. In so doing, this service also affords donors a greater sense of authorship and participation in the causes they are supporting. So, as corporations begin a shift toward CSR – evident in such initiatives as the Bill Gates’ ‘Giving Pledge’ – the Give Wize service fulfills the vacant role of responsible and integrated giving, thereby countering the norm of fruitless band-aid charity with managed patronage, focused on root-source solutions and sustainable development.