Teach to Fish, Moment Innovation, Thomas Whittlesey
Teach To Fish is a philanthropy-based educational program, training and enabling people in need with the tools for living self-sufficiently and running their own sustainable business. Rather than just throwing more money at a societal or environmental issue – merely ‘giving a fish,’ which only provides band-aid solutions – this program helps both donors and non-profits get to the source of the problem they wish to change. In this light, Teach To Fish facilitates the following sub-programs amongst others:
  • Arts for Action is an arts & crafts collective producing and distributing handmade goods. 
  • Shucks is a shellfish aquaculture growing and distribution program. May be combined with a coastal remediation and marine habitat restoration.
  • grOrganic provides construction and maintenance of organic food gardens and edible landscapes for private residences and public spaces.
  • Re-Fuse is a comprehensive door-to-door service for domestic pickup of recyclables, compost, donations, plus delivery of food and goods. This all-inclusive home service saves customers time and money, while reducing their mileage and carbon footprint.
  • WeatherEyes is a residential weatherization and energy-efficiency service. 
  • SolarEyes is a residential-commercial solar energy consultation & photo-voltaic installation service. 
  • Shift is a program for at-risk teens, substituting their wasted time in school punishment, like detention and Saturday School, for time volunteering and training in one of the Teach To Fish programs.