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Does Your GREEN Mean GO? Or is it just for SHOW?? Well, according to this Accenture/World Economic Report, it turns out that people aren’t so much interested in the color on your brand's sleeve as much as they are the purpose that you wear it with. It’s not a big surprise given the flood of green-washing in commercial markets over the past decade that has muddied the waters in many consumers’ minds. Recycle some of this... Offset some of that… Add a solar panel here or a composter there... BOOOM! Suddenly EVERYONE’S company IS sustainable. Throw in some moral-imperative gloom & doom motivational jargon... and there you have it – a recipe for people left squinting, scratching their heads, or simply walking the other way out of disdain, distrust, or general apathy. 
So, what’s a Brand to Do?! Time to Get REAL, Get SIMPLE, and Get us GOING! Here’s some tips to better brand your company’s sustainability initiatives to reach and retain its audience:

More PURPOSE, Less Surface. While people may have an initial attraction to a company’s costume, it’s the cause they remain loyal to. So lay it out there: what is your brand’s FUNCTION and how will it serve us AND the greater good. 

Sustainability is complex. So, break your brand down to the elements of what is what, and how your company get’s it little part done in the bigger picture. Sing a short ‘song’ that sticks in our heads – a message we can remember. 

More than anything brands need to MOTIVATE. Use your brand as a 'Call To Arms.' Participation is empowering - put the pen in our hands and ask us to co-author a page in our planet’s future. Help us find the feeling in your brand with an embedded positive message we can act on… we WANT to act on. Positivity cultivates creativity, connectivity, and activity. After all, we are sustaining our well-being too, right?! So use your brand to lighten the load and keep us dancing the road to a brighter future. 

If any of these suggestions have helped your brand grow its impact then let us know. Use the comments box below to tell us about your little victories and big success stories of breaking through and making a difference. 

San Antonio shows why High School is hitting a new high in economic development.
America's slumping innovation is partly due to the breakdown between education and industry. Perhaps one of the solutions is to begin hybridizing public school pedagogies between liberal & applied/creative arts. Another is to offer more after-school mentorship & apprenticeship programs, so these students can envision a career path ahead and have real options to step forward. 

Take a look at this progressive program out of San Antonio, whereby they are directly linking students with Industry professionals to establish working mentorships and on-the-job training while they're are in school. This kind of program is a great model to be emulated and assimilated into public schools to give students more alternatives during and after their schooling. This program would also establish a much-needed new workforce for existing and nascent industries, while offering a reason for the younger generations to stay and grow in their own communities. 

Granted such a program wouldn't be for every student of course, yet far too many high school students go straight off to liberal arts colleges without any real world experience or the slightest clue of what they really want to do. The next step isn't any prettier as such indebted, twenty-something-grads struggle to compete for unpaid internships, as this New York Times article suggests. Is this a clear vision for economic success or have our monocles fogged up?! 

America can certainly continue building our Math/Science push in secondary education, but let's not get myopic in our students' path-to-profession. We are long overdue to reintegrate the creative & applied arts so we can foster a more balanced and thriving economy for the coming generation. Let’s build these partnerships with professions, and build our economy from the ground up. For a moment, let’s step out of just learning theories of life, and step into practicing it.

We want to hear from you: tell us about YOUR plan to grow and harvest your own next-generation of makers & doers.  Or send us more examples of successful programs.

Where High-Speed Passage Illuminates Purpose... of Slowing Down. 
San Francisco sheds light on opportunities to marry infrastructure with public art.  If only the bridge allowed pedestrian circulation too... 
Siting the Future, Now. The David Suzuki Foundation envisions what our built environment will look like when climate-change makes a new tideline. 
Pablo Lehmann's handcut word-works are as aesthetically moving as they are intellectually engaging.
This is an opportunity to use the other side of your brain to carve away an expression all-your-own. This subtractive method can be as 'didactive' as it is attractive.

Take a Moment to watch an inspiring video of Alice Waters' "Edible Schoolyards" project.
Children Must Learn To Sow The Seeds Of Change Today, So They Can Harvest A Better Tomorrow. | M()MENT - Conscious Creative |
Moment Innovation
Feeling Empty After The Quick-Fix?
Neither real sustenance, nor substance, is coming from Silicon Valley. With so many great minds and so much money and resources... ENTERTAINMENT prevails?! The world is clamoring for REAL CHANGE, Real Innovation. Where's the Meaningful Technology... Where's the Heart??  

Read Tech Crunch's take on the innovation, or rather lack thereof, being pumped out of the valley's 'Sugar Water' factory.

Almost none of the stuff on the radar of the Silicon Valley echo-chamber is innovative or solves any real human needs. They won’t cure anyone of disease, feed a child, improve the environment, or radically improve manufacturing…"
Ray Cromwell 

With a world of power at your fingertips, what will YOU do next?! What change will you make?? New relationships, exchanges, and communications...??? What social media and apps do you want to see come to be? Let us know and we will do our best to make it happen!  
- Thomas Whittlesey

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M()MENT, Moment Innovation, TO-FU Video
Check TO-FU's Animation for Innovation
FEED... & FREE Your Creativity:
TO-FU's 29 Ways-To-Stay-Creative Video
We've all got creative genius, though sometimes we just need to stimulate it with the right routines and strategic moves that set the stage for that break-through moment
Innovation comes from 'exercise' – at M()MENT, we believe that one must regularly practice their instrument to keep up their creative chops. Check out this video by Japanese motion-graphics studio TO-FU to find some simple ways to keep your innovation gears moving. What would YOU add to the list?! 
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Most of us could use a little freshness in our workplace to keep things alive and interesting. The following are 5 keys that I’ve put together to help make your work innovative and collaborative. Mind you, this is certainly not a prescription or method, rather just some friendly guidelines to stay inventive, break up routines, and keep the sparks flying:
1.    PLAY
o   Dedicate some time during the day/week, to be unstructured and free. No pressure to do anything but what you want. Wipe the slate clean, like you did when you were a kid when the world was your palette and you could paint it however your heart desired.
o   Don’t think; just DO. Stop editing yourself, or others, and allow yourself a flurry of improvisation. In other words, completely accept whatever ideas and actions put forward by you or your teammates, and build upon them. Say ‘YES’ to all possibilities no matter how abstract, absurd, or useless they may initially seem. GO WITH IT!!!
o   Abandon rules, except the ones you declare. Use minimal tools, except the ones you create.
o   If working in teams, alternate who leads. Mix-up team members, add new ones from outside the office, like kids, clients/users, or professionals from totally different fields.
o   Appropriate and adapt existing games or physical exercises to suit your own subject matter. Alter the rules, roles, or questions and apply them to a challenge/need your office faces. Think ‘Pictionary,’ for example, but add your own subjects.
o   Add some friendly-competition to a brainstorm strategy or game, throw in some motivational prizes for best idea/solution like a free dinner/drinks or a 'one-day get out of work pass.' 
o   Use your imagination, we ALL have one! Think of your imagination like riding a bike – take that dusty old thing out of storage, give it a tune-up and some lube to move freely. Now, ride it often and your creativity will get ‘in-shape’ – it’s rewarding for you (and others) and it’s really FUN! 

2.    Be CURIOUS
o   Adopt “What if…” as your new motto. Make a “What if…” sign, screen-saver, nametag, or tee shirt for a daily reminder to finish the question.
o   Take chances; Make mistakes! See failure as lessons for success.
o   Experiment!!! Devise your own science. See the given of everyday life as a ‘control,’ then add your own variable. Record what happens.
o   Make connections between neighboring elements that aren’t together yet. Look to strengthen relationships that need it.
o   Compare apples & oranges – where’s the common ground? Mish-mash unlikely or impractical combinations.
o   Add a “?” to any statement or text you witness in your environment.
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